Volume 6 Issue 6 (November - December), 2020

Review Articles

Stem cell regeneration of tooth: A systemic review
Jaskiran Kaur

Tooth development is the culmination of reciprocal epithelial-mesenchymal interactions occurring in sequential stepwise fashion. The ability to generate teeth initially resides in the dental epithelium which causes induction of tooth formation in mesenchyme of cranial neural crest origin. Stem cells are non-specialized cells which possess two important characteristics. First, they are capable of self-renewal, via cell division, even after long periods of inactivity. Second, under certain physiological or experimental conditions, they can give rise to functional cells of a specific tissue or organ. In view of this possibility of achieving restoration with regenerative medicine, it can be considered that a new era of dentistry is beginning. Key words: Stem cell, Regeneration, tooth

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