Volume 6 Issue 3 (May - June), 2020

Original Articles

Analysis of the prevalence and risk indicators of peri-implantitis
Satvik Kulkarni, Pratima Oswal, Mansi Kulkarni, Supriya Sawant, Ancia Vas, Ketaki Rajguru

Background: Studying the prevalence of peri-implant disease and investigating the roles played by the vast array of associated risk factors in the onset and progress of peri-implantitis is of crucial importance for the development of dental-implant management programs and the establishment of peri-implantitis prevention and treatment protocols. This study was conducted with the purpose of identifying and analysing the prevalence and risk indicators of peri-implantitis. Materials and methods: 200 patients were selected for this study who had received single or multiple dental implants as a treatment option for missing teeth. Clinical assessment included pocket depth and bleeding on probing measurements. Presence of bleeding on probing and a pocket depth of more than 5 mm was considered to indicate inflammation around implant. Predisposing factors like smoking and diabetes were also considered. Data about the patients medical history was also collected and used to analyse any relation of these predisposing factors on peri implant inflammation. Results: The percentage of patients with peri-implantitis was 7.5%. Amongst the prevalent cases of peri-implantitis, the effect of age, gender, presence of diabetes and risk of smoking in development of inflammation around the implants were assessed. It was found that geriatric age had a statistically significant effect on the occurrence of peri-implantitis. Conclusion: This study concluded that peri-implantitis is not an uncommon finding in patients undergoing implant therapy and its prevalence cannot be overlooked. Although gender of the patient did not predispose to peri-implantitis, but geriatrics, history of diabetics and smoking definitely act as risk factors to the development of the same. Key words: Peri-implantitis, implant, diabetes, geriatric.

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