Volume 6 Issue 1 (January - February), 2020

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Comparison of new strip based Point Of Care Testing Device (POCT) in the measurement of hemoglobin with hematology cell counter
Gauravi Jain, Arun Maity, Ajay Jain, Vivek Singhai, Anmol Bagaria

Background: Hemoglobin estimation is an important screening test for identifying the anemia among patient population. Many methods are available for the screening of hemoglobin. How the new strip based Hemoglobin measurement system is working and to check reliability of the results. Aims and Objectives: To compare the new strip based Hemoglobin analyzer with Hematology Cell counter in respect accuracy, sensitivity, specificity and ease of usage. Materials and Methods: A prospective study is conducted utilizing 138 blood samples in laboratory which provide wide range of hemoglobin concentrations. Hematology Cell Counter (Mindray BC 5000, Mindray Corporation India) reference analyzer , Insta Hb (Strip based Point of Care Testing Device Manufactured by Inline K Healthcare LLP). Results: Out of 138 blood samples tested of where 78 were of male, 54 of females and 6 of children. Mean value of Insta Hbwas higher by 0.07 g/dl in males 0.38 d/dl in females an 0.38 g/dl in Children in comparison to Hematology analyzer which is not significant . In comparison to reference analyzer Insta Hb proved to be cost effective and have a sensitivity and specificity of more than 93%. Conclusion: New strip based hemoglobin measuring Point of care analyzer Insta Hb (Manufactured by Inline K Healthcare LLP) gives reliable results with high level of Sensitivity and specificity and can be a potential device for Anemia Screening, Low cost Laboratory alternative for Hemoglobin screening. Key Words: Blood samples, Hematology analyzer, Insta Hb.

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