Volume 2 Issue 2 (April - June, 2016)

Review Articles

Deepak Narang, Vanita Rathod, Fatima Khan, Jaideep Sur, Vishal Kulkar, Abhishek Pandey, Reena Kulshreshtra, Veena Desai

One of the most plastic cells of the hematopoietic system that are located in almost all tissues is the macrophages. They exhibit a great deal of functional diversity. Apart of having distinctive roles in development, homeostasis, tissue repair, and immunity, they can be can be subverted by chronic insults, resulting in a causal association of macrophages with disease states. In this review, we highlight the pathophysiological role of macrophages in the normal development process and various pathologic conditions including pre-malignancies and malignant neoplasm. This pathogenesis can help in throwing light on the use of these macrophages as therapeutic targets for treatment.
Key words: Carcinoma, Lichen planus, Macrophages

Corresponding author: Dr. Deepak Narang, Senior Lecturer, Oral Medicine & Radiology, Azamgarh Dental College, Itaura, Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, E mail: parasitology1979@gmail.com

This article may be cited as: Narang D, Rathod V, Khan F, Sur J, Kulkar V, Pandey A, Kulshreshtra R, Desai V. Macrophages in health and diseases: a systemic review. Int J Res Health Allied Sci 2016;2(2):22-31.

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