Volume 7 Issue 4 (July-August), 2021

Review Articles

Biomimetic materials- A comprehensive review
Sachin Goyal, Nisha Garg, Sameer Makkar, Shabnam Negi, Akshun S Gupta

Biomimetics in dentistry is a very useful concept and further and firmer multidisciplinary scientific and technical research is needed in this field. Regeneration of the lost dental tissue rather than mild replacement with dental materials ensures better prognosis, excellent biocompatibility, and high success rate. The scope of biomimetic dentistry in India is enormous in the near future. It is the designing of biomaterials that simulates physical and mechanical properties of the lost tissue, thus providing an opportunity to introduce and change treatment modalities for the disease. Biomimetic dentistry is an interdisciplinary approach and has potential for transforming everyday dental practice. It brings the power of modern biological, chemical, and physical science to solve real clinical problems.

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