Volume 7 Issue 1 (January - February), 2021

Original Articles

Assessment of cases of denture stomatitis- A clinical study
Sapanpuneet Kaur

Background: Denture stomatitis (DS) designates the inflammation of the oral mucosa mostly the palatal, underlying a denture. The present study was conducted to assess cases of denture stomatitis. Materials & Methods: 240 cases of complete denture wearer were recorded. The prevalence of denture stomatitis was recorded. Swab samples from the palate and the palatal surfaces of the upper dentures of these patients were collected and examined mycologically. Results: Out of 240 patients, males were 140 and females were 100. Denture hygiene was good in 14%, satisfactory in 20% and poor in 56%, denture age was 1-5 years in 40%, 5-10 years in 30% and >10 years in 20% and candida denture colonization (CFU/ml) was <1000 in 35%, 1000-3000 in 20%, 3000-8000 in 20% and >8000 in 25%. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). Grading 0 was seen in 8.3%, 1 in 16.6%, 2 in 23.75% and 3 in 51.25%. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). Conclusion: The prevalence of denture stomatitis was high among complete denture wearer. Maximum cases had grade 3. Key words: Denture stomatitis, Palate, candida denture colonization

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