Volume 5 Issue 4 (July - August, 2019)

Review Articles

Are Maxillofacial Radiologists Ready to get acquainted with Contrast Radiography- An Explicit Review
Akriti Mahajan Gupta, Sana Fatema Mohammed Ismail, Jyotsna Patel, Dharti N. Gajjar, Richa Wadhavan, Prithwish Kundu

In a conventional radiography, as a result of difference in attenuation of the x-rays, image is e formed. Structures do not appear on radiograph which lack sufficient density. If the density of the structure is too low, or the contrast is too low, to meet the required diagnostic needs it can be improved artificially by using contrast media. To increase the density or contrast of the structure, contrast agents are boon in dentistry and they also block x-ray transmission thereby helps in better visualization of the structures. Artificial contrast can be produced in variety of ways.
This article enlightens the use of contrast radiography, agents, their uses as well as adverse effects and management.
Key words: Contrast radiography, contrast media, Density, Adverse effects.

Received: 10 June, 2019                          Revised: 23 June, 2019                  Accepted: 25 June, 2019

Corresponding author: Dr. Dharti N. Gajjar, Senior Resident, Department of Dentistry, Saraswati Medical College, Unnao, Uttar Pradesh

This article may be cited as:  Gupta AM, Ismail SFM, Patel J, Gajjar DN, Wadhavan R, Kundu P. Are Maxillofacial Radiologists Ready to get acquainted with Contrast Radiography: An Explicit Review. Int J Res Health Allied Sci 2019; 5(4):66-68.

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