Volume 7 Issue 4 (July-August), 2021

Original Articles

Assessment of D-Dimer levels in carcinoma of breast patients
Mukesh Kumar Jamwal, Suneet Katoch, Sanjay Kumar

Background: Breast carcinoma cases in India accounts for more than 1 in 10 new cancer diagnoses each year. D-dimer (or D dimer) is a fibrin degradation product (or FDP), a small protein fragment present in the blood after a blood clot is degraded by fibrinolysis. Hence; the present study was conducted with the aim of assessing D-Dimer levels in breast carcinoma patients. Materials & methods: A total of 30 breast carcinoma patients were enrolled. Complete demographic and clinical details of all the subjects were obtained. Radiographic and clinical examination of all the subjects was carried out. Metastatic profile was assessed. Lymph node status was analysed. Blood samples were obtained and serum D-Dimer levels were analysed. All the results were recorded and analysed by SPSS software. Student t test and chi-square test was used for evaluation of level of significance. Results: Mean D Dimer levels were found to be 2.45 μg/mL. In the patients with and without lymph node involvement, mean D-Dimer levels were found to be 2.83 μg/mL and 1.27 μg/mL respectively. Significant results were obtained while comparing the mean D-Dimer levels among the patients with and without lymph node involvement. Conclusion: Increased D-Dimer levels are an important prognostic marker of clinical stage, lymphovascular invasion, lymph node involvement, and tumor metastasis. Key words: Breast carcinoma, D-Dimer

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