Volume 6 Issue 5 (September -October), 2020

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Does crystal clear water clear the minerals away? A Cross Sectional Study
Dr. Tejaswi Sai Priya Chigullapalli, Dr. Shilpa I.G, Dr. Sapna Konde

Objectives: Water is a vital for every function in the body and is an important source of mineral intake. The consumption of mineral water has greatly increased in the past decade. Studies have shown the effect of various minerals on dental health. Water is a rich source of all these minerals. The aim of the study was to estimate the levels of various minerals from different sources of drinking water. Design: Drinking water was collected from various sources which included Kaveri tap water, bore well water, water purified using activated carbon filter, water purified using reverse osmosis and two commercially available mineral bottled water. The above samples were sent to water testing certified company to check the levels of various minerals and other parameters using IS 3025. The results were subjected to statistical analysis. Results: The commercially available bottled water, water purified through reverse osmosis contained significantly lesser amount of minerals when compared to other samples. Conclusion: The children consuming only bottled water may have significantly lower levels of mineral (fluoride) ingestion. Key words: fluoride, mineral water, minerals

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