Volume 6 Issue 5 (September -October), 2020

Original Articles

Clinical profile of geriatric patients seeking emergency care- A hospital based study
Dr. Ashwini.G, Dr. Anannya Mukherji, Dr. Vaibhav Mehta

Background: Geriatric population present a formidable challenge to the health care team, because their illnesses rarely allow a straightforward reductionist type of analysis. The physiology of ageing, altered pharmacodynamics and decreased functional reserve must be kept in mind while dealing with geriatric patients. Fast decisions making ability and round the clock service are two impeccable characteristics of emergency department which requires treating the multiple co-morbidities and complex situation associates in older patients. The above factors make it difficult to care for acutely ill older person. This hospital-based study determined the clinical profile of geriatric patients seeking emergency care. Methods: Total of 150 patients aged more than 60 years either seeking emergency care or admitted to casualty were enrolled. Results: In our study hypertension was the major co-morbid condition associated with 41.3% of older population. Fever was the most presented complaints observed in 38% of older population. Abnormal ECG, USG, and CT/MRI were seen in 39.3%, 60%, and 24% of older population. The admission in medical ward was required in 42.7% older patients while 12.7% older patients deceased in emergency room. Conclusion: Surge in incidence of co-morbidities and abnormalities in laboratory estimations possess hazardous effect on elder population. The strong correlation of disease with working diagnoses proves the ability of emergency department in early detection of multiple co-morbid conditions associated with geriatric patients. As the older patients are always vulnerable to various diseases, emergency department certainly play crucial role in management and helps in improving health of geriatric patients. Keywords: Geriatrics, Emergency care, Ageing, Co-morbidities, Hypertension.

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