Volume 6 Issue 1 (January - February), 2020

Original Articles

Effect of Smoking on Success of Dental Implants
Atul Singh, Sanjeev Vaid, Arun Prasad

Background: The success of the treatment of missing teeth with dental implants is the complete integration of an implant with the bone and the correct functioning of implant-based prosthetic restoration for many years. The success of implant restorations is adversely affected by smoking. Hence; the present study was conducted for assessing the effect of smoking on success of dental implants. Materials & methods: A total of 33 smokers and 33 healthy controls were enrolled in the present study. All the dental implant procedures were carried out under local anesthesia ad follow-up details were recorded. Criteria described in the previous literature were used for defining smokers. Probing depth (PD) score was measured (mm) at the above-mentioned 6 sites, and the average of the 6 measured values was recorded as the PD score for that implant. All the clinical data was recorded in Microsoft excel sheet and was recorded by SPSS software. Results: While comparing the mean probing depth scores in between smokers and non-smokers, significant results were obtained. Failures occurred in 33.33 percent of the smokers and 6.06 percent of the non-smokers. Significant results were obtained while comparing the prognosis of dental implants in between smokers and non-smokers. Conclusion: Smoking is a significant risk factor for failure of dental implant. Key words: Smoking, Dental Implants, Success

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