Volume 6 Issue 2 (March - April), 2020

Original Articles

Clinical profile of intestinal stoma-ostomies: Their indications, types and complications- A retrospective and prospective study of 50 patients
Satpal, Sumitoj Singh, M S Khalsa, Mohammad Hamid

Background: Stoma is an opening of intestinal or urinary tract onto the abdominal wall, constructed surgically or appearing inadvertently. Stomas are often a rescue option in a number of difficult surgical situations that enables a surgeon and also the patients a smooth sailing subsequently. Aim: To record the types and creation of stoma including psychological, metabolic and mechanical complications of stomas and closure of stoma. Material and methods: This study was conducted on 50 patients who underwent stoma surgery (retrospective and prospective) after getting admitted in surgery department (Emergency and outpatient) of Guru Nanak Dev Hospital, Amritsar. Results: Incidence of stoma formation was more common in males. There were two peak age group in which stomas were constructed 31-40 years and 41-50 years respectively. The most common stoma constructed was loop ileostomy followed by colostomy, urostomy and end ileostomy. Most commonly noted local complication was peristomal erythema and systemic was septicaemia. Conclusion: When created properly, stoma can dramatically improve a patients quality of life. Conversely, when a patient develops complications related to their stoma, the impact on physical and mental health can be profound. Key words: Ostomy, rectal surgery, Stoma.

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