Volume 6 Issue 1 (January - February), 2020

Case Reports

Improving denture retention in a resorbed mandibular ridge by recording existing Sublingual Crescent Area- A Case Report
Vinoy T. Palathra, Pardeep Bansal, Preetika Bansal

Mandibular complete dentures frequently lack retention and stability and offer less denture-supporting area than maxillary dentures. In case of severely resorbed ridges retention is highly compromised. Extending the anterior lingual flange of the lower denture sublingually i.e into sublingual crescent area making it possible to achieve satisfactory retention in severely resorbed ridges. Case report: 75-year-old male patient had reported to the out-patient department, having complain of failed multiple denture prosthesis due to loosening of mandibular denture. Hence it was planned to incorporate additional retention aid by the incorporating maximal tissue contact within the floor of the mouth. The conventional complete denture fabrication was performed, in addition sublingual fold has been recorded. While performing peripheral tracing of the mandibular ridge, additional care was taken to record the sublingual crescent area. The same had been incorporated in the final processed complete denture to aid additional retention. After follow up of 6months period, denture showed improvement in retention and stability of the prosthesis. Conclusion: In compromised ridge situations, especially flat lower ridge, stability of lower denture was always been challenged. From this case report, it was seen that, a lower denture which covers the whole of available tissue bed and sublingual crescent area recorded and incorporated certainly show improved retention and stability. Key words: resorbed mandibular ridge; sublingual crescent area; sublingual folds; denture retention.

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