Volume 6 Issue 1 (January - February), 2020

Review Articles

Regenerative endodontics procedure and material in adult: A systematic review
Bushra Shoaib, Wejdan Melfi Alotaibi, Shatha Mansour Alotaibi, Alaa Mohammad Alnukta, Layla Othman Albalbisi, Eshraq Zaki Abuamer

Aim: The aim of this study was to review available literature to evaluate procedure and material for regenerative endodontics. Materials and Methods: In this systematic review 27 articles were selected to review procedure and material for endodontics regenerative. Results: Most of the studies showed current endodontic therapy depends on the idea that disinfected root canals should be sealed with as little residual space as possible to limit bacterial recolonization. MTA was placed over the coagulated blood clot and a cotton pellet and glass ionomer cement was utilized to seal the access cavity. 2.5-3% sodium hypochlorite and saline followed by evoked bleeding and MTA sealing over the blood clot with intermediate restorative material. Conclusions: Regenerative endodontic treatment is based on the concept of tissue engineering technology to regenerate the dentinepulp complex in the canal space of immature permanent teeth damaged by caries or trauma. Key words: Regenerative endodontic treatment, procedure, materials

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