Volume 4 Issue 5 (September - October), 2018

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Assessment of Prevalence of Allergic Conjunctivitis among School Children- An Observational Study
Manzoor Ahmed Ahanger, Mohammad Ahsan Dar

Background: The diagnosis of allergic diseases has increased in the last few decades and allergic conjunctivitis has emerged as a significant problem, which can cause severe ocular surface disease. Aim of the study: To study the prevalence of allergic conjunctivitis among school children. Materials and methods: The students were selected from the Primary and Junior High School in the local area. For collection of demographic history and medical history, a questionnaire was used. Distance and near visual acuities were measured with Snellen literate chart. Objective refraction was performed for subjects with VA ≤ 6/12. Results: A total of 200 students participated in the study. Out of 200 students, 80 students were found to be positive for allergic conjunctivitis. The prevalence of allergic conjunctivitis in age groups 5-8 years was 26 subjects, in age group 9-12 was 24 subjects, and in age-group 13-16 years was 30 subjects. The number of male subjects was 44 and female subjects was 36. Conclusion:  From the results of the present study, we conclude that the prevalence of allergic conjunctivitis in the school going children is 40%.
Keywords: allergic conjunctivitis, allergies, children, school.

Received: 13 May 2018                           Revised: 18 September 2018                          Accepted: 22 September 2018
Corresponding author: Dr Manzoor Ahmed Ahanger, Consultant Ophthalmology , Directorate of Health Services Kashmir, India,
This article may be cited as: Ahanger MA, Dar MA. Assessment of Prevalence of Allergic Conjunctivitis among School Children: An Observational Study. Int J Res Health Allied Sci 2018; 4(5):8-10.

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