Volume 7 Issue 6 ( November - December ), 2021

Review Articles

Post space preparation and obturated material to preserve the apical seal after root canal treatment- A review of literature
Dr Manvinder Kaur, Dr. Akshay Thakur, Dr. Inder Walia, Dr. Ajay Aryan, Dr. Harees Shabir, Dr. Rohit Wadhwa

The post space preparation of root canals filled with a GP/epoxy resin sealer be performed prior to extensive epoxy conversion in order to avoid potential microfractures of the sealer during GP removal using a rotary instrument. Solano et al. suggested immediate post space preparation following root canal obturation in clinical practice because the clinician is intimately familiar with the root canal anatomy. However, such post space preparation procedures involving drilling and rinsing with water may dilute the uncured epoxy resin and potentially damage the apical seal

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