Volume 6 Issue 6 (November - December), 2020

Original Articles

Assessment of Etiopathogenesis of presenile cataracts in a known population
Sheetal Sharma, Sharat Kumar, Eshani, Sumit Singh Chauhan

Background: Cataract is defined as opacity within the clear lens inside the eye that reduces the amount of incoming light and results in deterioration of vision. Hence; the present study was conducted for assessing the etio-pathogenesis of presenile cataracts in a known population. Materials & methods: 100 consecutive patients diagnosed with cataract and posted for cataract extraction were included in the study. Slit-lamp examination was done to classify and grade the cataract, dilated fundus examination was done in all cases, and B-mode ultrasound scan was done in indicated cases. Cataract was graded according to the Lens Opacities Classification System III. Axial length of the eye was measured using intraocular lens master. Results: Idiopathic cause was seen in 42 percent of the patients. Diabetes mellitus, Trauma, High myopia and Thyroid disorder were the risk factor in 25 percent, 12 percent, 13 percent and 8 percent of the patients respectively. Posterior capsular cataract, Mature cataract, Nuclear sclerosis, Combined cataract and Cortical cataract were seen in 53 percent, 21 percent, 11 percent, 9 percent and 6 percent of the patients respectively. Conclusion: From the above results, the authors concluded that the most common cause of presenile cataract was idiopathic.

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