Volume 7 Issue 2 (March - April), 2021

Original Articles

Comparison of uric acid levels in oral leukoplakia and oral cancer patients
Utkarsh Yadav, Raveena, Rattan Singh

Background: Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) comprises 9295% of all oral cancers. Leukoplakia reveals hyperkeratosis variably associated with the underlying epithelial hyperplasia. Hence; the present study was conducted for comparing the serum uric acid levels among oral leukoplakia patients and oral cancer patients. Materials & Methods: A total of 20 OSCC patients and 20 oral leukoplakia patients were enrolled. Thorough oral examination was carried out. Description of the lesions was separately recorded. All the patients were recalled in the morning and blood samples were obtained. All the samples were sent to laboratory for assessment of serum uric acid levels. All the results were recorded in Microsoft excel sheet and were analysed by SPSS software. Results: Mean uric levels among the patients of the oral leukoplakia group and OSCC group were 4.96 mg/dL and 3.84 mg/dL respectively. Significant results were obtained while comparing the results statistically. Conclusion: Serum uric acid levels are significantly altered during the invasive process of oral premalignant disorders. Key words: Uric acid, Oral Leukoplakia, Oral Cancer

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