Volume 7 Issue 1 (January - February), 2021

Original Articles

Evaluation of corneal foreign bodies in known population- A clinical study
Sanjeev Krishan

Background: Corneal foreign bodies are a common workplace occurrence. The present study was conducted to evaluate corneal foreign bodies in known population. Materials & Methods: 70 patients who reported to eye department with complaint of corneal foreign bodies were taken. A slit lamp evaluation of each patient was done. Results: Out of 70 patients, males were 45 and female were 25. 33 were electricians, 20 were carpenter and 7 were doing metal work. Activity at time of injury was metal grinding in 10, welding in 45 and wood cutting in 15 cases. Presenting vision was 6/6-6/9p in 30 and 6/12-6/18p in 40 cases. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). Conclusion: Corneal foreign bodies were seen in electricians, carpenter and welder. Injury occurred during metal grinding, welding and wood cutting.

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