Volume 6 Issue 6 (November - December), 2020

Case Reports

Giant cell fibroma of maxillary anterior region: A case report
Agamjot Kaur Lalli, Divya Jyoti, Harinder Gupta, R. Yamini

Fibroma or focal fibrous hyperplasia of the oral mucosa is the most common benign neoplasm of the oral cavity. Giant cell fibroma is specifically distinguished by the presence of stellate/giant cells on histological examination. It may be pedunculated or sessile and is found most commonly on the gingival. Hereby; we present the case report of a 13 year old girl who presented with a chief complaint of swelling in the palate in the upper front tooth region for approximately two years. Patient revealed history of trauma in the same region followed by formation of blood clot two years ago. After a few days, she observed a small growth in the same region, which gradually enlarged during the following months and reached the current size. Excision of tissue was done in region of 21,11,12,13 under local anaesthesia with adrenaline. After histopathologic examination, diagnosis of giant cell fibroma was made.

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