Volume 6 Issue 5 (September -October), 2020

Original Articles

Comparative evaluation of accuracy of two different implant impression techniques
Umer Bashir, Ish kumar Singla, Vishal Sharma

Background: The use of dental implants to rehabilitate partially and completely edentulous patients is a routine procedure in todays time. The height and width of the residual alveolar ridge, the mandibular nerve, and the nasal and maxillary sinus are anatomic aspects to be considered in placing dental implants. Hence; the present study was undertaken for comparatively evaluating the accuracy of two different implant impression techniques. Materials & methods: Two impression techniques were studied as followed: Group A: Polyvinyl siloxane impressions (putty and light body) using stock metal tray, and Group B: Polyether impressions (medium body) using stock metal tray. The impression posts were connected to implant analogues with the screws tightened manually such that their flat surfaces were facing buccally. The longer impression posts were connected to the anterior analogues and shorter were connected to the posterior analogues. A self-calibration test was performed to determine the accuracy obtained by the single evaluator. Results: Mean error among the specimens of Group A was 0.0315 while mean error among the specimens of Group B was 0.0291 respectively. While comparing the mean error among the two study groups, non-significant results were obtained. Conclusion: Both the impression techniques can be used with equal effectiveness in implant procedures. Key words: Implant, Impression

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