Volume 6 Issue 3 (May - June), 2020

Case Reports

Removal of Periapical Gutta-Percha- Case Series
Atul Jain, Annu Mayank, Rachana Bahuguna, Rohit Sharma, Madhurima Sharma, Gopi Kumhar

The extrusion of Gutta-percha (GP) periapically can occur during endodontic treatment. An overextended GP fragment acts as a foreign object and can affect the healing ability by initiating formation of periapical lesion. Therefore its retrieval either by surgical or non-surgical means becomes important. Various options for removing non-surgically are with k-files, H-files, heat carrier tips, GP solvents, combination of paper point with solvents and heat transfer devices. This article discusses 4 cases, in which the periapically detached GP was retrieved using combination of K-file, H-file and Xylene. Key words: Gutta Percha, Retreatment, Peri-radicular lesion.

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