Volume 6 Issue 1 (January - February), 2020

Original Articles

Analysis of prosthetic complications of dental implants in 135 patients- An observational study
Ankush Jamwal, Sandeep Kaur Bali, Shazia Mir

Background: Dental implants provide a predictable, effective, and reliable means for tooth replacements. Recognition of risk factors can reduce the failure rate and increase the predictability of dental implant treatment. Hence; under the light of above mentioned data, the present study was undertaken for assessing the prosthetic complications of dental implant therapy. Materials & methods: Analysis of a total of 135 patients was done. Only those patients were included who underwent prosthetic rehabilitation by dental implant procedures for missing mandibular first molar. Complete clinical and radiographic evaluation was done in all the patients. All the implant procedures were carried out under the hands of skilled and experienced implantologists. Patients were put on regular follow-up visits for assessing the outcome. Incidence of dental implant complications and its type was recorded separately. Results: Prosthetic complications were found to be present in 19 patients (14.07 percent). Attachment fracture and abutment screw loosening were found to be present in 26.32 and 36.84 percent of the patients. Round bar fracture and fracture retention clip were found to be present in 15.79 percent and 21.05 percent of the patients. Conclusion: prosthetic complications comprises of a wide spectrum of problems among patients undergoing dental implant procedures. Early recognition is necessary for decreasing the severity and increasing the prognosis. Key words: Dental implants, Prosthetic complications

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