Volume 4 Issue 5 (September - October), 2018

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Usefulness of ForsusTMappliance in Class II Malocclusion- A Clinical Study
Sakshi Raina, Veerendra Kerudi, Adarshika, Priyanka Satpute, Romshi Raina

Background: Class II malocclusion is of 2 types, class II div I and class II div II malocclusion. The present study was conducted to determine the outcomes of Forsus ™ Fatigue Resistant Device used in class II malocclusion. Material & methods: This study was conducted on 24 patients of both genders. They were treated with the Fixed Functional appliance. Any complication arising during treatment was recorded.  Results: There were 12 males and 12 females in present study. The results indicated statistical significant skeletal and dentoalveolar effects of the appliance. Conclusions:The Forsus™ showed positive effects on the maxillary incisors and first molars as well as overjet and overbite. However, multiple negative effects were reported on the occlusal plane and lower incisors that need to be considered when using such appliance in treating Class II malocclusion.
Key words: Forsus, Class II Malocclusion.

Received: 13 May 2018                    Revised: 16 September 2018            Accepted: 21September 2018

Corresponding author: Dr.Sakshi Raina, 149/c Wazir Bagh, Surya-vihar, PattaBohri, Jammu Tawi, J&K, India

This article may be cited as: Raina S, Kerudi V, Adarshika, Satpute P, Raina R. Usefulness of Forsus in Class II Malocclusion: A Clinical Study. Int J Res Health Allied Sci 2018; 4(5):41-43.

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