Volume 7 Issue 6 ( November - December ), 2021

Review Articles

Review of literature of studies referreing Mandibular molars root canal morphology
Dr. Manvinder Kaur, Dr. Akshay Thakur, Dr Rohit Wadhwa, Dr Robin

Mandibular first molar is the first posterior tooth that erupts in the oral cavity and is the tooth that most often requires root canal treatment. This tooth usually has two roots but occasionally, it has three with two or three canals in the mesial root and one, two, or three canals in the distal root2. Over the years, there have been numerous reports regarding aberrant canal morphology associated with mandibular molars with multiple canals in both mesial and distal. Root canal system can be studied extra root as radix entomolaris, radix paramolaris, C shaped canal anatomy etc which can act as an obstacle in rendering successful endodontic therapy.

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